January 22, 2017 § 2 Comments

as a current
dances downstream,
our blood,
mine and yours, it flows
together, paced
by gravity, our hearts with rhythm
aligned, beating in time
we’re all the same.

the atoms that are you
are also mine
a beautiful composition
we’re the same
as every tree
inhaling the breath
the world pours out, and giving
back the same.

we honor the sun
for its warmth
that reaches us, all, always,
we confide in the moon
with secrets and lies
for days, nights, lights, tides
the them, it doesn’t comprehend
it’s only we. it’s you, it’s me.

it’s the stars, the mystery above us all,
that need to fall, push darkness down
into our cluttered houses, and minds
open our doors, to an unknown cold
take the roofs off our protected states
of mind, urge us to step outside
and listen.
do you hear the sound?

it’s you and it’s me,
one heart that belongs
to the ground,
from whence it came
born of the earth
a heart that beats
with every other being that surrounds
it can’t see, it can only be
aligned, beating in time,

we’re all the same.


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