September 7, 2017 § Leave a comment

rhythmic syllables spin within your mind
more often than dialogue or data  
whispering, floating mantras 
cadences and choruses, gently dipping
and rising, like carousels of phrase
and with each circle 
the sounds cling more closely together
gathering by necessity,
spinning into song with centrifugal fervor, 
overflowing outward
onward, upward…
and the world can’t help but swallow them whole



September 5, 2017 § 2 Comments

sometimes the wonder
is just all too great to hold 
so, I write a poem


September 3, 2017 § 2 Comments

the moments that feel 
the most changed, are those that start
and end without thoughts you


January 22, 2017 § 2 Comments

as a current
dances downstream,
our blood,
mine and yours, it flows
together, paced
by gravity, our hearts with rhythm
aligned, beating in time
we’re all the same.

the atoms that are you
are also mine
a beautiful composition
we’re the same
as every tree
inhaling the breath
the world pours out, and giving
back the same.

we honor the sun
for its warmth
that reaches us, all, always,
we confide in the moon
with secrets and lies
for days, nights, lights, tides
the them, it doesn’t comprehend
it’s only we. it’s you, it’s me.

it’s the stars, the mystery above us all,
that need to fall, push darkness down
into our cluttered houses, and minds
open our doors, to an unknown cold
take the roofs off our protected states
of mind, urge us to step outside
and listen.
do you hear the sound?

it’s you and it’s me,
one heart that belongs
to the ground,
from whence it came
born of the earth
a heart that beats
with every other being that surrounds
it can’t see, it can only be
aligned, beating in time,

we’re all the same.


March 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

perhaps it was the night before last, when I saw it behind my eyelids  swimming amongst my confusing dreams.

or perhaps it was dancing on my ceiling when my phones persistent hum woke me this morning. 

or maybe I saw it painted on the road, etched into a metal sign, emblazoned by a plane into the afternoon sky, when I was driving from here to somewhere.

but i saw it so very clearly, like a new and wonderful color, like a siren interrupting your sleep, like jumping into the air and landing in a pool of icy water.

and it was so unbearably bright,

I couldn’t stop staring.


December 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

most days I’m a feather clinging to the wing of a multicolored bird
quivering from the wind, but always returning to the place where I belong
blending and fading with the soft abyss of surrounding comfort, I wait.

some days I’m the multicolored bird piercing the sky
flying with the wind, at such a height that makes my colors melt
into one single, perfect hue, blending into the welcome air, I soar.

but today I am the sky, an expanse filled with possibility, with fear
propelling the wind, but quivering and melting, fading and flying
I don’t leave or return because I’m already here, so I breathe.


December 4, 2014 § 1 Comment

when it’s dark
too early, and I’m driving home from work
my headlights guiding my car’s path
I always wish for spring
but suddenly I worry
that when spring arrives
and it rains
too much, and I’m driving home from work
my wipers guiding my car’s path
I will always wish for fall

spoken word at the uptown arts bar

October 24, 2014 § 2 Comments

they stood beneath the spotlight

underneath the dancing dust
that drifted and fell in lazy patterns
and clung to their lashes like snow, yet they stared ahead

they stood beneath that heavy light
and took hazy swirls of smoke
upon their shoulders, they stood
so serenely

beneath the light that blinded
them from the crowd
they stood and spoke
in an effortless tongue that felt
and fell upon surrounding ears

and I could never see
myself in them. They were another species,
I, just a detached observer
taking in a spectacle,
like animals at the zoo.

they stood beneath the spotlight
that cast so much blinding light
onto every inch of who they were
and they couldn’t hide
behind the rusted microphone stand

and when they spoke
they were anything but caged

they were so
very, very free

our motion

October 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

like the gentle cracks on the walls
of my one hundred year home,
stillness won’t stop age.

it may bring years of observation
but what is observation

without subsequent


July 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

When you hear that Canary’s melodic song
and have a sudden urge to sing right along,
do you ever wonder if your whistled reply
is heard by that bird simply flying by?
Does he hear your innocuous far off hum,
and wonder if you’re speaking in some foreign tongue?
Or maybe he simply assumes your distant call
came from a bird with a twangy southern drawl.
But what if your nonchalant whistled song,
was the response he’s been waiting for all along?
What if your call out into the sky above,
was actually a proclamation of true bird love?
That Canary hears your tune and he knows this is real–
this bird may sing off-key, but has so much zeal!
He answers eagerly and without any delay
but you unknowingly just continue to go about your own day.
Completely unaware you’ve just led this bird on,
you keep planting your flowers and mowing your lawn.
And after singing for hours, the bird gives it a rest
and sighs and goes home to his lonely bird nest.
Maybe he’ll move on and find his song once more
and never wonder again about that strange whistle of lore,
but then again, maybe, he’ll keep singing day and night
still searching for that bird who was the love of his life.
So next time you have an urge to sing back a reply
to bond with that innocent bird simply flying by,
consider the repercussions of whistling a song even sweeter
and instead perhaps opt to just buy a bird feeder.

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