Tree Wonders

January 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

I wonder about the tree outside my window
and how long it’s been alive
and marvel at the way it almost touches the sky
and I guess it does

people say I’m tall, but I’m nothing
compared to the tree’s majestic height
I wonder what it thinks of all of us below
how small and insignificant we are
scurrying back and forth
as aimless as ants
does it wonder why
we are not still

and I wonder about its roots
extending through the earth
in purposeful patterns
but making the tree
inherently still
unable to drift as the leaves do
that gently escape from it each fall

does the tree wish it too could drift
away from all it’s seen below
or does it pity those who will never know
the wonder of staring at a single sky
but still seeing the world


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