our lonely meadow

January 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

once upon a clouded night,
peace fell from the sky
and your dahlias,
quietly sighing with dew,
were its only witness.

the peace that was
crept away to abandoned corners
and showed its face
to those who listened,
singing to them in quiet tones.

the peace that was, lived calmly
among your slowly blossoming dahlias,
painted red with life
and surrounding us in simplicity,
though we were blind to its call.

the peace died calmly
as your flowers did
upon the birth of autumn
and its glow was not missed,
as though it never lived.

a wind once danced through fallowed fields
and brought us the song
that slowed time and made us shiver
and the quiet resurrection
felt like a shower of hope
that covered our faces
as those raindrops did, gently landing
in our lonely meadow.


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