the poem daily

January 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

if I were to write a poem everyday
i’m not sure i’d have enough to say.
would i write of my daily worries and whims
the boring stuff, or of fears and sins?
would i express feeling of joy and loss,
or would i pen about my morning floss?
could i possibly capture my daily life
if i wrote a poem a day –despite the strife.
i often think it would be a good plan
to write and write in simple short-hand
about what i’m thinking every day
maybe look back and see what i had to say.
it seems a good way to recall the mundane
but also capture the glorious gains.
all happy and excellent days that pass
it would be nice to look back on them, make them last
so i think i’ll do this starting now-
my first poem of many, i steadfastly vow.


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