March 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

Perhaps they ran from the home they knew
to a world outside beneath a sky big and blue

Perhaps they grew tired of such a predictable plot
a more passionate life, they urgently sought

Or maybe they felt abandoned, or perhaps even lost
so they fled the scene entirely, not considering cost

For adventure or relief, perhaps they truely searched
trying to find utopia, or a brand new place to perch

Maybe news of opportunity came by word-of-mouth
so they all caught a train and headed down south

Or they could have simply spilled out onto the floor
and scampered quickly toward the nearest open door

But I guess I’ll never find out the true cause of this event
It will forever be a mystery where all my bobby-pins went



February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

the earth and its beauty,
its vastness, loom
before mankind, an immense mass
to explore, a giant future
to create, a brilliant life
to hurriedly find, atop a planet
of our creation
filled with beauty yet
to be discovered.


February 14, 2014 § 2 Comments

if the world still spins
among an expanse of unknowns
and our blood still flows
through an amazing maze
and gravity still heaves
burying sandy beaches
then why must we remain

The Bridge

January 23, 2014 § Leave a comment

I was walking across a bridge
today, and thought of you,
because eight years ago,
perhaps on this very day,
our footsteps aimlessly traced
the same path to this lonely bridge
in the woods.

Although the arch underfoot
carrying me over the creek below
is the same as it was
on that day eight years ago,
everything else is different.

It’s strange how eight years
can double a tree in size
or overgrow a foot-worn path
be the lifetime of a blue bird
and completely dull emotions
that seemed so all-consuming
eight short years ago.

I wonder if you walked the same path
would our conversation on that day
replay in your mind?
Or would you simply hear a whispered song
of a bluebird landing on the bridge’s edge.

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