the words end

July 16, 2014 § 1 Comment

where all of it
is music
is my favorite place to be

the omniscient sound

July 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

it’s the song for the wandering man
lost somewhere south of France
for the one who believes in madness
and lives in a starlit trance

it’s the song for those who can’t decide
if time is worth the wait
it’s for those who live in the valley
to hide from mountains of hate

it’s the song for those who chase
but can never reach the edge
the song about that forgotten match
flicked from the 8th story ledge

it’s the song that was sung by odysseus
as he sailed the immortal sea
the one that was sung by the crowds
as they lifted the gates and ran free

be it heroes or dreamers, those who fly
and the ones who have simply joined hands
it’s a song for those who can see eternity
in carvings in the sand

it’s the song that reminds us that even though
we stand dispersed beneath our sun
there’s a force that tethers us all to its words
and has turned our souls into one


the man on 7th street

June 3, 2014 § 2 Comments

a mournful saxophone,
just one. its noise like a sermon
echoing above drunken yells
and tires treading. over the constant hum
of street lights and broken voices,
night after night, he plays. making loneliness
cry out into a crowded street of half-hearted
listeners, who sometimes toss him a smile
or a dollar, or two and then shuffle heels
across the concrete walk to catch their friends,
yelling about the a taxi. bar food. a lost wallet. what time it is.
and the man remains, alone and still,
sans his dancing fingers and heaving chest
loyally blowing lonely life into his instrument
filling the crowded air with ups and downs,
a mournful jazz hymn, showering
notes onto an unsuspecting crowd.
they yell about life,
but they may never actually stop to listen to it.

Song Bird

March 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

the sweetest
song of a single bird
was heard one day in passing
a distant toon cascading softly
a melody pouring into the ear
of a wanderer, who heard
the ups and downs
of a familiar hymn
a soul, perhaps lost, but still
walking, who caught the song
as it passed through the air
and smiled
as he sang


January 24, 2014 § 2 Comments

A melody singing
again and again
a sweet, faint tune
that rings between ears
but sounds different
each time it plays, perhaps
the very same notes
but melancholy
at times
or gloriously ecstatic
red with anger
at moments
and painful sadness
in others
and then blind passion
flooding emotion
or just
perfect peace,
all fantastically interesting,
A melody that speaks
you cannot say,
a tune that plays
between your ears
day-in, day-out
a hymn that sings a prayer
when words don’t suffice,
the melody of a spirit
that wonders
how life is any different
than a song.


January 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

The air in the room was old
like it had been resting there
unmoving and patient
for the past 75 years, waiting for someone
to breath it.

And I didn’t want to breathe it,
but that really was not an option.

And I sat at the piano and smiled
at the lady in the glasses
who was as old as the air
and probably just as stiff.

And she nodded, and nodded.
And I smiled and smiled.
And then remembered I was supposed to play
a Sonata,
but the air was so old
and the keys were so sticky and yellowed.

The air parted its lips, urging me to play
Or maybe it was the lady.
And the keys I had played for 5 years, or so
on my piano at home
looked foreign
And the Sonata I had learned 6 months ago
and practiced and practiced daily
lingered in front of me on the white pages.
And as I pressed the first chord
firmly into the keys
I heard a sound pierce the old air
sending it scurrying away
and then I heard the same foreign sound
coming from my fingertips
And I realized I had forgotten
my entire Sonata.

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