Morning Perks

April 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

For those who bask bitterness
like java in a steamer,
I hope you’ll someday realize
the world reacts to your demeanor.
If you always take your coffee black
and refuse to add the creamer,
then the acidity of your daily dose,
could make your brightness meager.
So consider your morning outlook
and propel your inner dreamer,
please add some sugar to your cup,
it’ll make your day a whole lot sweeter.


morning commute

February 28, 2014 § 1 Comment

a slow army
ants marching
along a path etched
by white lines, baring heads
downward and forward with eyes
lit, cutting through
the haze ahead
searching for destinations
yet blindly, numbly following
another, through polluted
smog, but still shining
with sun and dew, silently
inching closer
and closer, to wherever
the white lines
carry them

Sunday Morning Kitchen

February 3, 2014 § Leave a comment

it’s a blinding light cast
across the wooden floor
sending a sky full of dancing dust
upward and spinning

it’s a cup of black warmth and steam
between my palms
with some cinnamon because
my dad always makes it that way

it’s a soft paper floating
from hand-to-hand
dancing around the table
so everyone can catch-up on the news

it’s the refrigerator’s gentle hum
a heated stove-top whistling
a gurgle from the dishwasher
a beautiful appliance symphony

it’s a proud glass window
with fingerprints illuminated
showing off the outside landscape
shining light on our eggs

morning glory

January 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

some say glorious things
are buried deep within the earth
they say they are hidden
and must be discovered
they say they are rare
and come only to those
who work or wait or wish
for glorious things.
but what if,
what if, there is glory
for everyone who looks
and magic for all who see
and wonder for all who feel

if glorious things are hidden
are rare,
what is the magnificent light
forcing my eyes open
each and every day
making my room glow,
making the world glow,
allowing me to see the simple joy
of deep brown eyes
filled with unconditional love
a wagging tail
that is not discretionary, does not judge
a sniffing nose
that always recognizes and knows
a furry head
that rests on the edge of my bed
ecstatically happy to see me.

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