December 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

most days I’m a feather clinging to the wing of a multicolored bird
quivering from the wind, but always returning to the place where I belong
blending and fading with the soft abyss of surrounding comfort, I wait.

some days I’m the multicolored bird piercing the sky
flying with the wind, at such a height that makes my colors melt
into one single, perfect hue, blending into the welcome air, I soar.

but today I am the sky, an expanse filled with possibility, with fear
propelling the wind, but quivering and melting, fading and flying
I don’t leave or return because I’m already here, so I breathe.


Caveat to a Wish

February 3, 2014 § 2 Comments

I wish I could fly as fast as a bird
I wish I could fly at all
to open my arms and inhale the air
float above that magnificent wall

that keeps us low, attached to the earth
feet firmly stuck on the ground
I wish I could see the view from above
watch peaceful airless formations abound

if ever there was a thought among dreamers
one universally spoken in poem
it’d be that we wish to soar freely above
but then eventually, we’d like to go home

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