April 7, 2015 § Leave a comment

If it weren’t for the beauty
that fear often inspires
We would think the time lost
That this emotion requires

But experiencing life so deeply
Makes it such a lovely maze
The pureness of emotion
Gives wonder to our days

So treat your thought with care
And it may change its hue
But know that casting it away
Is impossible to do

Accepting it for what it is
And letting it just be
Gives calm to all the chaos
And let’s our minds dance free

For worry does inspire
And fear can change our view
We’re all in this together
The world is here for you


What they are not

January 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

The eyes of another
on my words,
is paralyzing.
It freezes my hand,
misshapens my words, bends
each letter over the next,
until numbness is scrawled.

Eyes and heads and noses,
they squint and wink and shake and snub,
and hands
controlling my pen,
straining, to see if ink spills
in beautiful puddles.

Are my words

They are
to me
but what if not
to you.
Such a silly thing, the fear of words,
not being
or being
too much
being taken
not for what they are
but for what they are

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