September 27, 2016 § Leave a comment

every thought becomes caught
on the next in my mind
it’s a web chasing time
in a tangle of silk
that falls from my grip
gently tugging at reality
the outline catches light
and a path intercepts
only to be swept away
by tessellations of sound
and thoughts that surround
thoughts of what should be

but what about me?


The Perplexity of Belief

February 17, 2014 § 4 Comments

is your greatest friend
for when it sits
most defiantly
atop your most wonderfully
abstract, eternally
perennial dreams, it awakens
you, and urges
your eyes open,
and your mind
to thoughtfully examine
the pathways of a
cerebrum bound
with skepticism,
to discern
its motives and
to choose
your own credence:
either accept its resting
place, among your
your ambitions
your reveries,
or rather,
awaken it quickly
release it somewhere
safely distant,
and instead,
choose to

Caveat to a Wish

February 3, 2014 § 2 Comments

I wish I could fly as fast as a bird
I wish I could fly at all
to open my arms and inhale the air
float above that magnificent wall

that keeps us low, attached to the earth
feet firmly stuck on the ground
I wish I could see the view from above
watch peaceful airless formations abound

if ever there was a thought among dreamers
one universally spoken in poem
it’d be that we wish to soar freely above
but then eventually, we’d like to go home

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