the foundation of belief

June 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

doubt lingers
forever in the caverns
of minds,
the corners of outstretched arms,
the tips of tongues,
it rests idly, but never silently
and when it pushes most fiercely
it’s easy to fall prey to its weight
and forget the meaning of all
that surrounds you
it’s doubt that holds a mind captive
and keeps it present,
near the ground
but doubt seeks attention most
when its surroundings
are magnificent, and it’s presence
opens up my eyes
and calls me to push it away
and like a wave of sleep
I will never give in to
it makes me ache to believe.
And I believe,
that much more.


The Perplexity of Belief

February 17, 2014 § 4 Comments

is your greatest friend
for when it sits
most defiantly
atop your most wonderfully
abstract, eternally
perennial dreams, it awakens
you, and urges
your eyes open,
and your mind
to thoughtfully examine
the pathways of a
cerebrum bound
with skepticism,
to discern
its motives and
to choose
your own credence:
either accept its resting
place, among your
your ambitions
your reveries,
or rather,
awaken it quickly
release it somewhere
safely distant,
and instead,
choose to

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