Awkward Valentine

February 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

brief comments, not lasting
nothing to remember, under bright lights
and thumping music
and a swirl of something syrupy
we smiled in passing, sugary grins
without much meaning
and you would sometimes toss a wink
over your shoulder, but it wasn’t
something I thought about

and then one day, THE DAY
when saints dance with cupids
and candles melt and drip
onto heart-dotted tablecloths
and the universe convinces
even bitter souls, they need love too
you winked and asked me over
so odd, I thought, of all the days
why not, I thought, why not

you were too tall for your kitchen
it struck me as sweet when you stood
at the island, a nervous man with a potholder
and pulled steaming enchiladas
from your oven, serving them carefully
on a plate with beans, and we ate
on a naked wooden table
under burning florescent bulbs
and talked about our dogs

the two of us, so odd, I thought
just eating enchiladas one night, THE NIGHT
and then you pulled out a pair of boots
took my hand and said, let’s two step,
and it struck me as sweet
the two of us, nearly strangers, two-stepping
to a cheesy country song
around your apartment
like it could have been any other night


first date conversation

January 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

thoughts and words
and emotions
one after another
and then
an ended phrase
a breath taken
and exhaled
then silence
a blank stare
a closed mouth
a blink
a smile
empty space
red face
no match of phrase
legs shift
hands cross
ears burn
a yawn
brain searching
signals crossing
words lost
in an over-trodden
forest of the universal
awkward silence

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